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Remote Motor kit:

Belt free motor kit for motorised track & timelapse (preset intervals) with shutter cable release built in to fire the camera shutter. Kit weight 0.8kg.

Comes with 3 rechargable AA Batteries with approx run time of 6 to 8hrs on Timelapse. (AA battery charger needed)

Specify camera control cable needed from a choice of 9

Made for primarily for DSLR but with an approximate  maximum 8kg horizontal payload


VIDEO - standard vaeriable speed one way tracking

LOOP - Sk8plate will will sense the end and start to track in opposite direction TIMELAPSE - Set distance & pause intervals (presets) and fire the shutter.


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Accessories for the Sk8plate camera dolly

150mm Bowl for dolly : 

Aluminium hard black anodised – Includes screws & Allen key



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Scaffold tube clamps x 4 :

These bolt to the track brackets for longer & stronger track tubing

Weight for 4 = 0.47Kg  -  Includes Allen bolts


scaffold clamp

Most accessories above are made for Sk8plate by          Slidekamera              Europe

Slider Tripods:

2 stage Slider tripod ranging from 495mm – 1280mm

Aluminium black anodised – Weight 4.3 Kg


This light but strong flat top Tripod gives a very solid platform for supporting the tracks with built in sprung loaded 3/8" screw fixing meaning the mounting handles included with the Sk8plate kit are not needed.

This tripod can also take a 3-way levelling head for jib arms.

The top has built-in level bubble and rubber  vibration pad




Mini Magic Arms:

These Mini Magic arms will screw straight to the Sk8plate dolly to hold monitors or the Remote motor controller. Light weight but incredibly strong, they also have clever integral cheese plates with multiple thead options to add another arm or other components.

All arms come with male/female ¾” to ¼” thread adaptors


8” - Weight 0.22Kg                                                                      £85.00






11” - Weight 0.28Kg                                                                      £95.00

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90 degree Multi Angle camera adaptor plate:

Very useful for underslung camera shots with the Sk8plate dolly.

This will allow a camera lens to point 90 degrees verticle while still retaining pan & tilt from the fluid head.

Comes with attached Angle Support plate as standard with holes for 3/8" and 1/4" mounting to any tripod head.


Weight 0.75Kg                                                                            £145.00

V-Lock battery mount:

Compact V-Lock battery mount that fixes to the Sk8plate dolly top. Fit a V-Lock plate to this with a D tap socket and V-Lock battery and power an onboard monitor or lights etc.



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*** NEW ***


Mitchell Mount Plate

Aluminium hard black anodised


*** NEW ***


Flat mount plate with 3/8" centre thread

Aluminium hard black anodised


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